16 ottobre 2008

Bullismo tra animali. La soluzione? Un cane

Questa storia si svolge in uno zoo cinese. Lo sfortunato Oliver Twist della situazione è una scimmietta rimasta orfana. Il maschio alfa lo maltratta, al punto da mettere a repentaglio la sua vita. E il personale dello zoo gli "regala" un cane da difesa. Inizia così una proficua collaborazione per entrambi.

Da Ananova
A Chinese zoo has given an orphan monkey its own guard dog to stop it being bullied by bigger primates. Keepers at Jiaozuo City Zoo said the monkey was always being bullied and they had intervened to save his life several times.

"So we put a dog in the monkey cage, hoping he can protect the orphan," a zoo spokesman told the China News Network.

The zoo said the dog, Sai Hu, does his job very well.

"Whenever the baby monkey gets bullied, he dashes up and drives the others away. And the baby monkey is also very smart. Each time he smells danger he runs to jump on the dog's back and holds on tight.

"The alpha male monkey has been really unhappy since we sent in Sai Hu. He tried to organise several ambushes on the little monkey, but they all failed because of the dog," added the spokesman.

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